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Bali Tour Muslim – Bali Vacation became one of the desires that many people have. No exception to the Muslims from various countries. Although Bali is famous for its predominantly Hindu population, it does not dampen the desire for Muslim tourists to see the charm of Bali’s beauty. Although the majority are Hindus, Balinese are also happy to accept the presence of Muslim tourists. Religious differences are not a problem in Bali. So for you Muslims who want to vacation to Bali, you do not have to worry do not enjoy your vacation. Many best way for Muslim traveler to enjoy the holiday in Bali tour Muslim. So do not be afraid to go to Bali, guys.

Bali Tour Muslim

A Comfortable Place To Visit In Bali Tour Muslim

Although in Bali now many places that support the holiday of the Muslims, but there are some places that you must visit for Muslims who are on Bali Vacation:

Visiting Kampung Gregel In Bali

The Glegel village of Klungkung Bali is one of the oldest settlements in Bali. The village inhabited by the Muslim population is a witness to the spread of Islam in the kingdom era also entered Bali. The traces of the spread of Islamic religion are evident here. for example is this village became the location of the oldest mosque in Bali, named Mosque Nurul Huda. There is no harm in visiting this village. If you are lucky, you can also see the dance performances performed like Rudat dance by the local Muslim community. you can also use bali tour packages to tour in Kampung Gregel

Worshiping Viewing The Diversity Of Religious Diversity In Puja Mandala

If you want to pray, there is nothing wrong if you perform the worship at the mosque located in the Puja Mandala. There you will see the beauty of living side by side with other religious communities. Because in Puja Mandala not only provided the mosque as a place of worship Muslims. You will also see other religious worship places, namely Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu. All respect each other with their respective religions. Such as rent car in jogja, car rental alphard. So prepare all your travel needs before travel.

Enjoy The Delicious Balinese Traditional Cuisine Halal

Touring feels less fitting if not accompanied by culinary tours. Enjoying the typical food of a region becomes a must. Balinese food such as chicken rice betutu, satay lilit that accompanied sambal matah become a culinary hunted by the tourists. For you Muslim visitors, not to worry. in Bali now already provided much halal food that can be eaten by Muslims. You can visit Ubud and Uluwatu, Jimbaran to find the food. To further convince you of halal, don’t forget to ask first to the restaurant owner.

Feel The Balinese Nuance In Muslim Village Pengayaman

This is the next Bali tour Muslim that not really different with village Gregel. There are also other Muslim villages. It’s called Pengayaman Village. Located in Sukasada, Buleleng. When you come here, you can see the interesting tradition of Muslims who wrapped with nuances of Bali. The name of the people in this village is also a blend of the typical name of the Hindu people of Bali and the Muslim’s name. The tourist attractions you can visit by using bali cab driver.

Stay At Bayt Hotel Kaboki

For those of you who are Muslims, you must stay away from the name of alcohol. In this hotel, you will not find a drink containing alcohol. So you can relax while staying here. this hotel is also non-smoking. Interesting right?

Those are information about the holiday in Bali tour Muslim for all of the Muslim traveler. So, for the Muslims, do not hesitate to go on holiday in Bali.

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