Bali Vacation With A Beautiful And Charming Charm

Bali Vacation – Did you vacation on Bali Island? Actually, Bali has so many beautiful and exotic beaches, they are not only Kuta, Sanur and Pandawa Beach but also there are so many the other beauty and exotic beaches. Often bali used as a honeymoon place as in the honeymoon of the bandung. Which these beauties and exotic beaches will be able to become your destination when you come to Bali. One of them is located in Nusa Penida, South East Bali. Nusa Penida also has an exotic beach, Suwehan Beach. The beach is very suitable for you who are like to doing adventure in the natural places. The condition of this beach is quiet and very exotic by nature. So Suwehan beach is the suitable place to be your destination for your exciting Bali vacation.  It is because just a little domestic tourist and foreigner tourist who have come to the beach.

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Attractive Power Of Suwehan Beach As The Favorite Destination For Exciting Bali Vacation

This tourist destination object has some attractive power that it will flirt you, such as:

Exotic Panorama Of The Beach

Suwehan Beach’s length is about four hundred meters. Besides it has clear white sand, the beach also has a big triangle stone on the sea. It almost likes Pipi Island in Thailand. The local societies around the beach usually call it ‘Batu Jineng’ or Jineng Stone. Some people usually call the beach ‘Volcom Beach’ because the stone resembles with the logo of Volcom. So your Bali Vacation in this beach will be exciting. make sure while on holiday in bali you use bali tour packages so your trip more fun

Far From Crowded Place

Suwehan Beach is the suitable your Bali vacation. If you didn’t like a crowded place, but you are want to relax and refreshing. You can relax with enjoying the beauty of the beach and feel the fresh breeze on the beach. You also can swim on this beach, but you must remember don’t swim too far from the beach to the middle of the sea. It can be dangerous for you especially if you can’t swim well. Don’t worry; some areas have already set the red flag to remind the tourist. You also will see there is the traditional fishing boat from the beach.

Good Time To Visit The Beach

During your Bali vacation, the good time to visit Suwehan Beach is afternoon between (three and six p.m.) But if you want to visit the beach at noon, don’t worry! The beach’s escarpments will protect you from sunlight. It can be a good place to rest when you are enjoying the panorama of the beach during your vacation here.

Bali Vacation with Exciting Road

Even though the beach has enough exhausting road, but will enjoy it. Your Bali vacation in this beach will make you feel on your own beach with exotic panorama. You need a strong stamina to get to this destination. But when you have already reached on Suwehan Beach, your droplets sweat, feel tired and your attempt will be lost. It will pay the beauty of the white sand beach with the amazing wide blue sea as far as your eye view. When you vacation to Nusa Penida with your friend or your family, you must enter the beauty and awesome Suwehan Beach on your list vacation places that you will visit. And Also use bali cab driver to menenmani your holiday during the bali. Such as rent car in jogja, Rental Car Jogja Off Key, rent aceh car. So prepare all your travel needs before travel.

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